IOSTE Letters

Volume 1. No. 1. July, 2021

Approach to the Nature of Science in the Experimental Activities
Roberto Cruz-Hastenreiter*, Viviane Fernandes, Gabriel Carré, and André Tato

Physics Students Perception of Fundamentals Relations of Electromagnetism
Daniel T. Martins Fontes and André Machado Rodrigues*

Comparison between Japanese and Filipino Students’ Perspective in Stem Cell Technology as a Socioscientific Issue
Raisa Dominique G. Perez* and Satoko Ishikawa

Thinking Skills to Transform Science & Technology Education: Their Relationships to Beliefs on Nature of Science
Maria-Antonia Manassero-Mas and Ángel Vazquez-Alonso*

An Applied Study on the Influence of Fading CER Framework about the Development of Student’s Scientific…
Lingzhi Wang and Shengli Hu*

Levels of Dialogic Interactions in Grade 10 and 11 Life Sciences Classrooms
Silondiwe Cleopatra Ngwenya and Lydia Mavuru*

Semantic Gravity and Contextualization in the Chemistry Questions of the Brazilian National High School Examination
Leone Azevedo de Almeida, Ademir de Jesus Silva Jr., and Bruno Ferreira dos Santos*

South African Physical Sciences Teachers’ Experiences of Using Simulations in Inquiry-based Learning
Makamu Gloria and Umesh Ramnarain*

Investigating Life Sciences Teachers’ Pedagogical Practices of Implementing the 5E Model of Inquiry
Noluthando Nonjabulo Mdlalose* and Mafer Penn

Using Kahoot! As a Formative Assessment Tool in Science Teacher Education
Noluthando Nonjabulo Mdlalose* and Sam Ramaila

The Relevance of Science Education (Second) Project: Spanish Students’ Voices on their School Science Classes
Ángel Vazquez-Alonso*, Maria-Emma Fernandez-Torres, and Maria-Antonia Manassero-Mas

Try to Understand Motivation for Science Learning in Early Childhood
Ebru Ersay* and Merve Bulut Ongen

Using Project-Based Learning to Design, Build, and Test Student Made Simple pH Test Paper…
Xiuli Yang, Shengli Hu*, and Lingzhi Wang

Exploring Scientists’ Perceptions about the Nature of Science
Busra Aksoz* and Ebru Kaya

Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Rural School Science Education in Malaysia
Margaret Chan Kit Yok* and Victor Luna Amin

Evolution or Creation Education in Algeria?
Pierre Clément

Teacher Training and Problematization: Reflections on the Practice of Professional Education Teachers…
Roberto Cruz-Hastenreiter* and Luz Martinez

Science Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge While Teaching the Nature of Matter
Cansel Kadıoğlu Akbulut* and Selinay Saraç Erden

Vaccination as Focus of Science Teaching: Analysis of Anti-Vaccine Fake News and Its Consequence…
Nathália Pereira da Silva Leite* and Marcelo Tadeu Motokane

Evaluation of Publications on Video Lessons, Science and Distance Education in Brazil
Nádia Rubio Pirillo, Édison Trombeta de Oliveira, and Agnaldo Arroio*

Pedagogical Practices Adopted by Novice Life Sciences Teachers When Teaching Genetics in Grade 12 Classrooms
Thandiwe Esther Biyela and Sam Ramaila*

The Chemical Education of the Marginalised: A Teaching Experience in the Prison System
Iara Rocha Konicznaa, Larissa Busan Feitosa Pereza, Mari Inez Tavaresb*, Paulo Rogério Garcez de Mourab, and Daisy de Brito Rezendec

The Formative Assessment Practices of South African Life Sciences Teachers When Enacting an Inquiry-Based…
Thandiwe Dlamini and Umesh Ramnarain*